My Story

Since the age of 12, all I have wanted to do is SELL.. oh and buy a Ferrari by 30. I am not a sales expert. My sales experience did not begin with formal training. The positive results I see today are merely a product of self-education.

Nor am I an academic. In fact I really struggled to concentrate at school. I would often stare at the teachers blackboard thinking of who I sold gold-plated bracelets to the day before to collect my profits at lunch or how could I increase how many I sold tomorrow.

When I was 13 and during a school summer holiday spent at my father's offices, I created my first website to serve the latest craze of mobile phone polyphonic ringtones. I returned to school in September and recruited a 'team' to sell ringtones to students for £1. I was rich - I had made my first £100.

Fast forward a few years and selling at school got me into quite a bit of trouble which led me to leaving with only 5 GCSE's to my name. I didn't want to go to college or university (not that they would have had me). I just wanted to make money and lots of it! I worked in a local golf club kitchen washing pots & pans for 12 hours at a time which helped me realise what I never wanted to do ever again.

A few months later & after turning 16, I got my big break. I was given the opportunity to "answer the phones" on the sales desk at an electronic components distributor. I could finally unleash my sales potential and within 1 week I had closed an £12k order and generated £50k gross profit in my first year.

My day job 12 years on is still in the same industry (kind of). I manage relationships with & sell to strategic customers generating £1M+ gross profit per year for a $30B Fortune 200 technology company.

In 2014 after giving up smoking, I started an e-cigarette business alongside corporate life. I made a crucial mistake after creating the brand, developing the products/packaging/website and investing over £3k in stock. I didn't properly research the very important fact that you couldn't advertise online or sell e-cigarettes (which contained Nicotine) on eBay, Amazon etc.

It was a hard lesson to learn but I now knew how to start up (and sell) a trading limited company in 4 months, to always research all aspects of an item/industry you are thinking of selling before you do anything but the most valuable take away from this experience was realising I can efficiently run my own business while keeping my day job.

2015 is when my journey began of becoming a Top Rated Seller on eBay. I applied what I had learnt so far in my 12+ years of successful selling both online & offline to see the results I could achieve on eBay.

I launched at the beginning of 2016 to share my experiences, results and to predominantly assist online sellers who want to reach or maintain Top Rated Seller status.