My Top 10 Tips & Tricks

1. RESEARCH your item(s) - Search previously sold listings, check successful title keywords, listing format, look at how photos have been taken etc.

2. Always use a good quality digital camera for taking your photos - higher the mega pixel the better. Never use your camera's flash feature. 

3. Invest in suitable lighting for making photos look ultra professional. Ideally use a white background. 

4. Purchase or design a responsive listing template (automatically resizes text, photos etc for tablet & mobile buyers). 

5. If your item is pre-owned be very honest about the condition. Ensure your listings are short but informative. Sell the item's positives rather than focusing too much on any negatives.

6. Opt in to eBay's global shipping programme. Can you afford not to?

7. If you are advertising the item as 'buy it now or best offer' be patient but do not get greedy. Remember it is only worth what someone is prepared to pay.

8. Make sure you select a courier service which has "eBay integration" and buy A4 labels - this will save you alot of time. 

9. Do not scrimp on packaging - it is vital you use sufficient inner & outer packaging to deliver your item undamaged. 

10. Leave positive feedback immediately after your buyer has paid and you have despatched the item.