What is an eBay Trading Assistant?

What is an eBay Trading Assistant?

In this post, you will discover what an eBay Trading Assistant is and how they can help you generate extra cash. eBay Trading Assistants are experienced eBay sellers who will sell your items in exchange for a commission or a fee. Trading Assistants assist individuals, companies, charities and schools sell unwanted items on eBay.

What does an eBay Trading Assistant do?

All Trading Assistants handle the complete eBay sales process from collection of your goods through to delivery to the buyer. Some Trading Assistants have expertise in selling specific items whereas others will list anything and everything as long as the items are not on eBay's prohibited list.

Before listing your items, Trading Assistants will inform you of your items re-sale value(s). If you would like to check what your items are worth before you contact an eBay Trading Assistant, you can do so in 3 simple steps.

Search for your item

Navigate to eBay and search for your item in the search box.

What is an eBay Trading Assistant?

Select filters

Scroll down the page to the Filters menu and Show only options. Select Sold items. The Completed items box will be automatically ticked after selecting Sold items.

What is an eBay Trading Assistant?

Review sold prices

That's it! Now, you will be able to view recent sold prices for your item. It is always good to check the listings condition and description for the highest sold prices so you can compare with your item.

Please keep in mind all the sold prices are before eBay (10%) & PayPal (3%) fees and delivery costs.

How can eBay Trading Assistants help you?

If you decide to work with a Trading Assistant, they can help save you a considerable amount of time and effort selling online. Trading Assistants usually have a lot of positive feedback from previous buyers which can create buyer confidence & trust for purchasing your items. Higher prices can be commanded if Trading Assistants have a proven track record in fulfilling orders and handling returns efficiently.

At Top Rated Seller, we take care of everything! Check out our list of all-inclusive services to learn how we can help to sell your unwanted items online, without the faff.

How to find a local eBay Trading Assistant?

Google is your friend! Simply search for your area followed by eBay Trading Assistant e.g. "Surrey eBay Trading Assistant." Alternatively, you can post your requirement on websites like Airtasker. eBay did have a directory of Trading Assistants on their website but the basic search link is broken. eBaytradingassistant.com no longer works either! However, please be assured trading assistants still very much exist in .

What to consider when searching for an eBay Trading Assistant?

It is important to factor in a few considerations when searching for an eBay Trading Assistant to hire. The whole point of using a Trading Assistant's service is to remove the hassle from selling online so you shouldn't do hours of research. To help you find the best Trading Assistant, I have put together a shortlist of the essential checks.


Whilst you can work with a Trading Assistant remotely, it is not ideal. I would recommend meeting a local Trading Assistant at your home to view your items & discuss selling options. Especially for high value or large items such as furniture as it may make sense to photograph in situ and organise for the buyer to collect. Meeting in person also allows you to ask any unanswered questions about the process.

Commission or Fees

Trading Assistants will charge anything from 30% to 50% of the auction or fixed price. Some Trading Assistants will include eBay (10%) & PayPal (3%) fees in their commission % and others will charge on top.

Additionally, Trading Assistants may charge a cost to list each item up-front whereas others will offer this aspect of their service free of charge and only take their commission once the item has sold.

I recommend comparing the various commission structures and decide which works best for you. At Top Rated Seller, we have developed a handy calculator which provides a full breakdown of all the costs involved for us to sell on your behalf.

Minimum Resale Values

The minimum re-sale value is the lowest amount a Trading Assistant is willing to sell an item for on eBay. They can range from £20 to £100+ per item. Usually, the lower the minimum re-sale value the higher the commission.

Minimum resale values can be a difficult topic because most Trading Assistant customers haven't sold on eBay or online before. Therefore, they are not familiar with the time-consuming tasks of preparing, photographing and listing items on eBay. On average it can take a decent Trading Assistant up to 1 hour to list each item.

If a Trading Assistant declines selling your item due to its re-sale value, do not get offended. It is simply a case of not being commercially viable.


Trading Assistants can get remarkably busy. If you are under pressure to sell items quickly, for example, you are selling or moving home, it is best to communicate this as early as possible.

Customer Reviews

Does the Trading Assistant have visible customer reviews or testimonials? Are their customers satisfied with the level of service provided? Always do a quick Google check to verify their business & reputation. After all, they will be representing your stuff!


Selling online brings in extra cash, helps you declutter your home and is environmentally friendly. It is important to weigh up all the options and benefits of using a Trading Assistant vs. doing-it-yourself. Happy Selling!